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As a competitive athlete, personal trainer, and mother of 6, I have learned that movement is what makes us feel good day in and day out from the inside out. Simple, Smart, Science supported functional movement done intentionally and consistently, creates the foundation for a lifestyle of transformational wellness! The lifestyle you create at Roots 66 will become the foundation and inspiration for a new way of living all day, everyday!

The bottom line – You don’t have time to waste time or money! That’s why we’ve done the hard homework for you! We know how you can be successful! You need a program that tackles strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, while inspiring and empowering you to live aligned, aware, and awakened to the world around you from the strength within you!

It’s all about a journey

Your Journey…. going and growing from where you’ve been to where you’ve always wanted to go – your fullest potential!

At ROOTS we say it this way…"Find Your F.I.T."

It’s FUNctional, Intentional and tellable. Fitness is a journey, a lifelong discovery of learning our own bodies while connecting the intention of everything we are and do all day. Fitness does not come in a certain size, look, box or list, it’s about finding freedom in moving, breathing and being one in our mind, body and spirit every day! You will feel different, because we think differently, where the goal is to work out, not wear out, you will be ready for whatever challenge comes your way!

We get to the ROOTS of results and help you find yours!


You want transformation? The Pilates reformer delivers that and more! Practically speaking the reformer consists of a “bed or carriage” which glides on a frame with a foot bar, ropes and springs to assist in creating controlled resistance and fluid flexibility. Improve your posture, strength, balance, flexibility and learn mindful movements that focus on your awareness, alignment and proper use of anatomy. Pilates is known by athletes and therapists alike for creating both strength with length while restoring range of motion and functional movement. The Pilates reformer is for everyBODY in every season, stage and age of life!


Your best ride is waiting for you. Our Champion Instructors create an experience that will leave you feeling challenged and connected from head to toe. Certified by the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Program and our proprietary Mercer Movement Methodology ® program, our instructors bring extra layers of education, energy and experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Take a spin on one of our 24 custom state of the art bikes and find out how measurable metrics, an illuminating sensory experience that awakens your soul to sight, light and sound. The BEST RIDE in town- “No helmet required”!


Transformational Lifestyle Wellness starts from the moment you believe it can happen, want it and walk inside! Once you step in the door, we will make sure you feel at home with our intentionally designed minimal and modern space that invites you to take a deep INHALE and release your EXHALE. We aim to over deliver in every detail from programming to performance with our simple and successful methods for Cycling, Pilates, Lil ROOTS kids movement or Wellness Coaching. The results you are looking for are real at the ROOT level.


Whoever you are and wherever you are in the journey - we have been there. Everyone has that first class, first experience, first ah-ha moment, and it looks and feels different for everyone and we embrace it. We believe fitness is not something you check off or do, it's a part of who you are. F.I.T. is Fitness that is Functional, Intentional and Tellable; it’s all about supporting you where you are so you can go where you’ve never been. We help real people like you build a lifestyle not a list, so you can live your BEST.

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I’ve tried many different types of gyms, but I have never felt stronger when skiing and mountain biking since starting Pilates 18 months ago. I am 55 and recently skied 6 out of 7 days on a ski trip. I don’t think I could have done that when I was 30! The instructors at ROOTS have a deep understanding of anatomy and have helped personalize my program to help with significant back pain. I’m hooked!

Nancy Evans

Kelsey Mercer is without a doubt the best instructor I've experienced in over 20 years. Patient, knowledgeable and a tough teacher. Experience excellence at Roots!


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