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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy That Gets to the ROOT of Your Pain

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy That Gets to the ROOT of Your Pain

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Meet Morgan

Morgan Duval PT, DPT, JD, CSCS received her physical therapy degree from Northern Arizona University in 2019. Her practice has focused primarily on orthopedics, with an emphasis on manual therapy and individualized corrective exercise for the maximization of functional movement. Morgan also holds multiple specialty certifications, including dry needling. She is a current candidate for the designation COMT (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist) through Phoenix Manual Therapy.

In her spare time, Morgan enjoys pretty much anything outdoors, especially hiking, canyoneering, and snowboarding. She is also a yoga instructor and a former professional aerialist.

Physical Therapy

When you book a physical therapy session, your entire session is face to face with your physical therapist, Morgan. You will not be handed off to an assistant, and the complete focus will be placed on your individual situation. You will never be double booked, and you will receive comprehensive and tailored treatment that changes and evolves to match your needs. The treatment may include a combination of several techniques, including but not limited to manual therapy and targeted exercises. Manual therapy may include spinal and extremity joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, and muscle retraining techniques designed to eliminate pain and improve movement. Efficient and effective targeted exercise programs may also be utilized, and will be tailored to your mobility, strength, power, and balance needs.

Physical Therapy: $150 for a 55 minute physical therapy session

Physical Therapy

When top athletes on the tour want to improve their game and fitness, they don’t do it solo. They work with a coach who can identify areas of improvement and give them a plan to grow. As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified coach and avid golfer, Kelsey knows how to prepare your body and mind for success on the course.

New to the game? Been playing for years but can’t seem to beat that one person in your foursome? Struggling with a nagging injury? Whatever the case may be, get the coaching you need to have fun doing what you love.

Dry Needling

Dry needling involves the insertion of a fine, sterile solid filament needle into a taut band of muscle fibers, commonly known as “trigger points.” Therapeutic effects include decreased pain and improved function which occur through mechanical, neurophysiological, and biochemical effects. If you book a dry needling session with Morgan, you will also receive education and exercise prescription to maintain the positive effects of dry needling after your session.

Trigger points are described as “hyperirritable spots of skeletal muscle associated with hypersensitive palpable nodules in a taut band" (Simons, 1999). Trigger points are commonly associated with painful orthopedic conditions which include but are not limited to headache and myofascial restriction. These nodules are thought to develop due to altered electrical activity at the junction between nerves and muscle, and can be affected positively by dry needle intervention.

Dry Needling: $90 for a 25 minute dry needling session

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Morgan’s DRY NEEDLING services have rehabbed my elbow beyond my anticipation. I went in thinking my epicondylitis was beyond repair as I have suffered for many years and my aerial activities have contributed a lot to the inflammation and wear and tear. She is very detailed in explaining the treatment and potential outcome. Her bedside manner made me feel comfortable and confident during the process. I recommend her to my fellow athletes and anyone suffering from injuries.

Beth BlakeAerial Arts and Pole Fitness Instructor

Morgan is the best! I am a contortionist and it is how I make a living, so when I get injured it is very scary! I tweaked my neck in a way I have never done before and I could not move my head whatsoever. I couldn’t work, but even just existing was constant pain. After just the first adjustment, massage and stretch session with Morgan I felt so much relief and she gave me exercises to do at home that helped so much. After a couple more sessions within a month I was back to myself! I would recommend her to everyone and she is so sweet and will make you feel safe and comfortable!

Cleo MathersProfessional Contortionist

Never have I met a physical therapist that is so committed to my well being and happiness. Morgan continually listens to my feedback adjusting her treatment plans and is always looking to understand my needs, frustrations and successes.

Morgan’s dedication as a healer is evident in her continued search to understand the body. Through training in cutting edge techniques and by honing her advanced skills in traditional physical therapy techniques, her passion and desire to help her patients regain the freedom of movement and the joys of living are immediately evident.

Morgan's DRY NEEDLING was one of the first modalities that provided me with almost instant relief with my plantar fasciitis. This relief allowed us as a team to more effectively create a manageable exercise plan that maximizes our time and my body's healing.

“Her advice and instructions are always clear and effective, and her bed side presence is motivating, calming and helpful. She clearly understand that our physical well being directly effects our mental health and that the entire person is being treated.

There is no question that Morgan provides the highest level of care to all her patients.