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Inspiring and Empowering Transformational Lifestyle Wellness through Movement, Mindset, and Methodology for Holistic HEALth!




The ROOTS 66 Movement methodology is based on over 10,000 hours of studying bodies and working through multiple methods of training which address muscular imbalances, compensation patterns, misalignment, inhibited neurological loops, lack of awareness, bound fascia, and tendencies for overuse or underutilization, all of which limit you body from feeling and performing at its best.  It’s not about learning pilates or any other exercise better, it’s about learning your body from the inside out to feel better!  You will never be the same.

TRANSFORM your journey of FITNESS with two personalized session options to meet your specific needs…  Pilates+ and Pilates Basic


If you have past or current injuries, chronic illnesses, or need more specialized treatment,  PILATES +  is a more in-depth personalized pilates session designed and coached specifically by our owner, Kelsey, to intentionally, intelligently and uniquely create the program that is best for your specific needs and goals at every stage and season of life.

Kelsey’s precise postural assessment framework will help reveal your bodies deepest needs as it relates to compensation patterns, muscle imbalances and the root of pain.  If you are looking for sports performance training, corrective exercise to address pain or seeking hands on stretching and myofascial bodywork, Kelsey has the extensive training and knowledge you need to feel and live your best!


PILATES + SESSIONS | Kelsey Mercer

1 | Personalized Pilates + Performance
55 min.
5 |Pilates+
55 min.
8 | Private Pilates+
55 min.
8 | $799
11| Private Pilates+ / Month | 3 month contract
55 min.
11 | $999


If you live in a healthy body and feel relatively capable, but are new to Pilates, and are looking to learn the Pilates principles in a one-on-one setting before attempting to apply these principles in a group class setting, our PILATES BASIC personalized sessions are for you!

PILATES BASIC sessions are specifically designed with you in mind! These sessions can be scheduled with any of our amazing Pilates instructors! You and your instructor will create a plan that will adequately prepare you to participate in our group classes, move intelligently and safely, and teach you how to strengthen and lengthen your body for life.



2 Privates | Intro to Group Classes
50 min.
1 | Private Pilates Basics
55 min.
4 | Private Pilates Basics
55 min.
5 | $379
10 | Private Pilates Basics
55 min.
10 | $850
Duet Pilates Basic
55 min.
$65 | Person
Trio, quad or 5+ Private Group
55 min.
$40 | person



Every class is designed for every level of experience. Our proprietary method is based on layers of progression that work from base level to more advanced options around the entire body in every range of motion. Whatever your current fitness level you will be safe in knowing that you will be supported or challenged but you will never feel like you don’t FIT!


Essential Reformer

 A great workout for every BODY with entry level foundations this is a great place to start of to connect deeper to your body by refining your movements and improving your form and intention.  With focus on the anatomy, alignment and awareness of the mind and body and movement you will know how to strengthen and lengthen it all!

All Levels Reformer

You can expect multiple layers and options to advance any level of your workout to experience what your body needs for the day! The complete repertoire of STOTT PILATES essential, intermediate and advanced levels will be offered for each exercise. 

Cardio Tramp Reformer

Experience all the cardio without the compression to your joints pain free!  Get ready to take you to your pilates to the next level with music creates the vibe and movement that transforms and heals the body!

You will never feel so good jumping!


 The perfect combination of strength, length, balance, power and control. Discover the function and flow of dynamic flexibility and strength. Integration of the mind, breath and body to create and control longer and deeper movement.

Fusion Classes

Chair + Mat

Chair + Mat Fusion Class is an excellent introduction to both styles and will provide a great workout for beginners and advanced practitioners, alike. Experience a complete workout on the chair with complimentary mat exercises to add that extra challenge leaving you completely strengthened and stretched!

Chair + Reformer

Calling everyone to get to class early to grab their choice of chair or reformer!  Each class is co-lead to guide you through a complete basic workout on the chair + reformer !  All levels, with extra options to maximize and/or modify to make it your ultimate pilates experience

Mat Pilates

The perfect foundational workout to learn the principles of pilates movement.  Each class is designed to systematically flow from one exercise to the next providing the perfect combination of strength, control, agility, proper form and fluid movement.   Strengthen your body, connect the breath to your mind and body and transform how you feel and move everyday! Small weights, balls, bands and props are included!


The perfect full body workout to challenge total body strength, balance and core conditioning. Ideal for high-performance focused exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well as those looking to understand alignment and awareness of control and connection while strengthening both stabilization and mobilization.  ALL LEVELS



Intro to Pilates | Local AZ residents only please
6 classes |14 days expiration
1 | class
6 | classes
6 month expiration
10 | classes
6 month expiration
20 | classes
6 month expiration


4 | Any Class
4 | Month
$99 month | 3 month
8 | Any Class
8 | Month
$159 month | 3 month
Unlimited Intro
249 | month in 4th month
$229 month | 3 month
Unlimited Classes
Unlimited | Month
$249 month | 3 month

Local AZ College STUDENT PRICING | Must Present ID

Unlimited Classes
Unlimited | 3 Month
$199 month | 3 months
Unlimited Classes
4 classes | month
$79 month | 3 month
Unlimited Classes
8 classes | month
$149 month | 3 month
Class Packs
6 classes | 6 month expiration
Class Packs
10 classes | 6 month expiration
Class Packs
20 classes | 6 month expiration

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