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Meet Crew 66

Meet Kelsey

Meet Kelsey, the Owner and mastermind behind Roots 66 Fit! 

I’m often referred to as “Dr. Pilates” by my students, which to me is the greatest honor I could have because that means they trust me to help them heal their body and feel good, and that to me is why I do what I do! Not only do I love to help my clients feel their best and live their best lives, teaching teachers how to guide others with intelligent and intelligent movement inspires and motivates me to keep learning and growing!  I am honored to be 1 of only 200 STOTT PILATES Instructor Teacher Trainers in the world to teach and equip the best teachers in the industry with the most comprehensive training and knowledge in the world!

As a competitive athlete, personal trainer, and mother of 6, Kelsey has learned that movement is what makes us feel good day in and day out from the inside out. After 40+ years, birthing 6 kids, raising a family and building multiple businesses, Kelsey has never felt stronger, leaner, and happier with her body than now, and I know you will too!

Kelsey believes that simple, smart, science-supported functional movement done intentionally and consistently, creates the foundation for a lifestyle of transformational wellness! The lifestyle you create at Roots 66 will become the foundation and inspiration for a new way of living all day, everyday!

With Kelsey you will discover workouts that WORK to help you enjoy more of your life pain free and strong from the inside out! With a proper understanding of the anatomy, posture, correct alignment and body awareness you will improve strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility at its deepest level!

Meet Josie

Meet our instructor, Josie! Did you know that Kelsey and Josie each have 6 kids? Yep, that’s 12 kids between the 2, so it’s really just natural to teach you all how to move, breath and be in your body; it’s that simple!

Josie Allen received her STOTT Pilates training in Maui, HI in 2021. She is currently trained for the Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced Reformer. She has also been certified as a Mat Pilates teacher through The Foundry Yoga in AZ, which is recognized as a qualified school by the National Pilates Certification Program. Josie also has a background as a yoga teacher, and specializes in a style of hot yoga called Bikram Yoga.  She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through The Foundry Yoga as well. When Josie is not teaching or practicing yoga and pilates, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, recreating outdoors, and traveling.

Growing up as a competitive gymnast, Josie developed a passion for the potentials of the human body at an early age. After quitting competitive gymnastics, Josie found joy in trying new athletic outlets like running, biking, snowboarding, and rock climbing, all of which she still enjoys to this day. At the age of 20, Josie attended an intensive 2-month training in Los Angeles, CA to become a Bikram Yoga instructor. She has taught for over nine years in different studios all over the United States, including in Kauai, HI, Beaverton, OR, and now, Flagstaff, AZ. After giving birth to her fourth child, Josie quit teaching hot yoga in order to dedicate herself to the growing needs of her young family.

During this time she took a break from her yoga practice and dove into the world of endurance sports. She competed successfully in triathlons, half-marathons, and various bike races. However, even though she enjoyed these sports, her overall health began to be compromised. Knowing she needed to change her lifestyle, Josie went back to her roots and began practicing yoga and attending pilates classes. Her health and wellness resumed to a comfortable and balanced state, causing her to want to share the gift of teaching Bikram yoga and pilates once again. She is excited to share her knowledge with others and to continue to grow and learn as an instructor and student!

At Roots, Josie is currently offering Pilates Basic Individual Personalized Sessions. You can also find her teaching the Essential, All Levels Reformer, Cardio Jump, and Pilates Mat group classes!  You will love Josie’s style and gift for providing a low impact, alignment-focused workout that will lengthen, strengthen, and balance your body!

Meet Sandy

 Sandy, Pilates Instructor 

Sandy did her Pilates teacher training in September of 2007 in La Jolla, California only a couple of months after her first, private Pilates session in Flagstaff. It was love at first sight; she instantly felt the potential for the overall improvement of the quality of life through Pilates.  It was the perfect change in her career after leaving her professional life in retail and Porcelain painting behind when she moved from Germany to the US.

Sandy enjoys teaching Mat Pilates because she believes it represents the foundation & principles of Pilates in it’s purest form and appreciates how the Reformer and the Cadillac offer a great variety of exercises with a lot of room for modifications, support & resistance geared to the level of experience. Her favorite prop is the foam roller which can assist /and/ or support the client during the execution of an exercise. At the root of her love for Pilates is how it inspires her and those she works to live a healthy, strong and balanced life.

Sandy adds some spice and sauce to our team with her German teaching style which is something Joseph Pilates would be thrilled to know!

Meet Morgan, PT

Morgan Duval Physical Therapist 

More info coming soon…

Meet Kim

Kim Seib, Instructor & Wellness Services

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