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“Putting the HEAL back into HEALth"

The ROOTS Manifesto

Revolutionize Your  | Movements, Mindsets and Methods

Redefine Your  | Shapes and Lines

Reimagine Your |  Lifestyle of Fitness

Our Method

The ROOTS 66 Mercer Movement Methodology is built upon over 25+ years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry which includes multiple disciplines and training techniques.  Our signature PILATES is based in the STOTT PILATES training method.  Your body will not only appreciate the difference it feels right away, but you will experience the TRANSFORMATION for a lifetime!

Give your body the unique challenge and balance it deserves intentionally and intelligently with Simple, Smart, Slow, and Science-based corrective and connected exercises. See results with every workout through through a layered approach that maximizes results while having options and modifications to make it the workout YOUR body loves and wants more of! 

Live each day with contagious energy, strong and long lean lines, pain free movement, a focused mind, and connected presence! 

Your Class

Each class starts with You!  By setting an intention for each class you direct the destination or your results. You will learn in each class how to make simple adjustments and micro movements to maximize your results and move smarter.  Each class is systematically designed to get the most out of your time by limiting set up and changes between exercises while maintaining the flow and fluidity of staying with each exercise longer, layer upon layer.  Your body will always thank you when you leave, not only feeling stronger but more balanced and connected to your body. 

TRANSFORM YOUR JOURNEY of Lifestyle Wellness at ROOTS 66! 

Our Core Pillars of Fitness

Anatomy, Alignment, Awareness + Adaptability

Positivity, Purpose + Power

Simple, Smart, Slow, Science-based RESULTS
  • We believe fitness is not about a “shape” but rather the intelligent design of biomechanics aligned in shapes and lines to define the power of all bodies.
  • We Believe, HEALth is about healing the body through movements, mindsets and methods for holistic lifestyle wellness.
  • We believe fitness is a lifestyle of movement, mindset and methods
  • We believe roots are emotional, mental, spiritual and physical
  • We believe movement that transforms starts from an inward journey through anatomy, alignment and awareness
  • We believe community connects people to their purpose
  • We believe change is created with methods that are simple, smart, successful, and science based
  • We believe culture is inspired and empowered with a mindset of positivity, purpose and power!
  • We believe champions are real, raw, and resolved people that flow between grit and grace
  • We believe transformational lifestyle wellness is the connection and communication of the whole rather than the parts

First Visit FAQS


We do NOT require a Mask

We do NOT ask about your vaccine status

We DO space beds 6ft apart, have a commercial grade air sanitizer, clean all equipment.

We DO improve health by strengthening your cardiovascular system, improve mental state, increase your physical strength.

How early should I show up?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your class start time to ensure a timely start.

What happens if I am late to class?

We understand that things happen and traffic isn’t always perfect. However, we will not permit entry to class if more than 5 minutes late.

What levels of classes do you offer?

All classes are “All Levels” with modifications or maximizations to reach your level of desired challenge.

Are there any classes I should not take if pregnant?

No, all classes have options and accommodations for expecting mothers.

Do you offer childcare?

At this time we do not offer childcare.

I enjoy the atmosphere at Roots and find myself looking forward to the daily workouts. The equipment is state of the art, and the music flows while the muscles strengthen and the body stretches. Thanks Kelsey for creating Roots in Flag!


Reform Classes FAQS

What do people typically wear?

Dress comfortably in athletic attire that allows you to move freely. Most men wear liners with their athletic shorts.

We do not require TOE SOX but do request and provide socks at studio.

What is a reformer?

A reformer is the pilates apparatus that we use during our reform classes. Although it may look complicated at first glance because it can be used in so many ways, we will walk you through each movement on the reformer and show you how to use it like a pro.

Do I need any equipment for reform classes?

No, we provide everything you need.

Do people typically sweat?

Classes that are designated as including cardio will likely cause you to sweat. Plan accordingly and bring a water bottle to maintain hydration.


1071 E Old Canyon Crt.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Phone: 928.606-0866


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