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Fitness for your Life

Feel Stronger | Move Smarter | Live Pain Free


Classes that Connect you to your Goals

Every Class is for Every Level! With layers and modifications for every exercise, you can come to any class as a beginner or expert and get the workout you want!


Private sessions for Every BODY

Need to improve you game, your life, your journey? We offer Private instruction that sets you up for success wether you are looking for general Pilates Instruction, Performance Training or Pain Management you've found the right place!


Feel the Difference by moving differently

We offer Private Instruction, Classes, Physical Therapy, and Med Spa Wellness


Online Courses

Can't make it to the studio? We got your back with Virtual Memberships: Pilates, Pain Free, Yoga and Strength & Length


Refer a friend

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New Styles! Look your best with the best!LULULEMON at ROOTS!


Reformer Instructor Teacher Training

Are you interested in taking your Pilates practice to the next level with teacher training course? In 50 hours you will have what you need to start your journey.


Does this sound like you?

A strong desire to...
  • Connect your Mind and Body to transform your health
  • Feel ageless through movement
  • Live your best life PAIN FREE
  • Feel good doing what you love
  • Stop living the same old lie: workout, wear out, burn out
  • Achieve more & work out less

It’s all about a journey

Your Journey…. going and growing from where you’ve been to where you’ve always wanted to go – your fullest potential!

At ROOTS we say it this way…"Find Your F.I.T."

It’s FUNctional, Intentional and Tellable.

Fitness is a journey, a lifelong discovery of learning our own bodies while connecting the intention of everything we are and do all day. Fitness does not come in a certain size, look, box or list, it’s about finding freedom in moving, breathing and being one in our mind, body and spirit every day! You will feel different, because we think differently, where the goal is to work out, not wear out, you will be ready for whatever challenge comes your way!

We are ROOTING for YOU!

Positive Energy
Powerful People
Purposeful Results

FUNCTIONAL – Workouts designed to improve how you feel in your body doing what you do most.  Move smarter, stronger and pain free by understanding how to move intelligently and intentionally for your lifestyle.

INTENTIONAL – Intentionally and intelligently designed exercises that create the results you need to live your best life pain free!

TELLABLE – Every BODY has a story.  Just as traumas can be trapped in the tissues;  success is equally demonstrated in strength, adaptability and the ability to transform the story our body tells. Any BODY can re-write the story it tells with fitness that integrates healing the mind, body and spirit!

We get to the ROOTS of results and help you find yours!


Ready to transform your Fitness? Tired of hearing age is a reason to accept the aches and pains! YES! You really can and will feel your best and look your best at any age! Experience the results you are looking for with STOTT PILATES, Yoga & Meditation, Injury Prevention and Rehab, and lots more! Based on 20+ years of education and experience; built upon the principles of science and intelligent movement; our movement methodology will you get back to living and feeling your best today!


Our Movement Methodology program brings extra layers of education, energy and experience that you won’t find anywhere else. You never have to step inside a gym again! You now have the opportunity to have what you want and need at any moment! Experience the best in Pilates, Yoga, Strength, and Pain-Free courses right where you are! Safe, simple, slow, smart, and SUCCESSFUL! Efficiency and Excellence is just a click away!


We have a variety of pricing options including drop-ins, class packages, and unlimited memberships to fit your individual needs! Get started with an option that works right for your journey!

What to expect

Ready to improve your health no matter your current experience level?
  • Move Pain free
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better
  • Feel younger
  • Prevent injuries
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Do more of what you love
  • Feel connected to your community

Live Transformed

Experience the ROOTS difference. Feel challenged, connected and changed!

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Find a class that sounds right for you

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We offer flexible scheduling and payment options

Workout smarter

Experience the ROOTS difference and leave challenged and changed!

Kelsey not only teaches you the correct way to move, she also connects you mentally and spiritually to your body, which is the greatest way to live. She always knows just what her clients need and puts them first; that is truly a gift.

Jill Babb

My life has been completely transformed from my health, mindset and motivation for optimal performance every day.

Kathi Healy

Kelsey Mercer is without a doubt the best instructor I've experienced in over 20 years. Patient, knowledgeable and a tough teacher. Experience excellence at ROOTS!


She may be small in stature, but once you get to know her you are pleasantly surprised. She takes over after a full assessment of your body and WOW. I am firmly on the road to being the best 77 year old I can be physically and emotionally.

Michael Yochelson

I’ve tried many different types of gyms, but I have never felt stronger when skiing and mountain biking since starting Pilates 18 months ago at ROOTS. I am 55 and recently skied 6 out of 7 days on a ski trip. I don’t think I could have done that when I was 30! Kelsey has a deep understanding of anatomy and has helped personalize my program to help with significant back pain. I’m hooked!

Nancy Evans

I knew right away she was committed to excellence and my body responded well. The best part about Pilates at Roots has been an improved sense of my mind-body connection. I've been to other Pilates studios and honestly there's no comparison.

Brian Ahern

I am 45 years old and haven’t felt this good since I was in high school. If you want to age backwards start doing Pilates with Kelsey!

Mike Giovale

As a nurse and an avid trial runner, Pilates helps me strengthen key muscle groups, improve speed and efficiency, prevent injury and stretch and stabilize areas that running and working 12 hour shifts on my feet stress the most.

Jessica Holst

Kelsey is great! My husband and I love the comfortable atmosphere. Because it is a smaller studio, Kelsey is able to get to everyone with guidance/direction/feedback during classes.

Darci B

Definitely NOT just a pilates instructor! Kelsey's in-depth knowledge & experience of the body, mechanics, posturing, usage, ability to identify & target deficits & imbalances is truly a gift and a recognition that deserves true respect and appreciation.


My back problems were solved and I have complete mobility. My health is no longer preventing me from doing anything.

Ron Getto

I love coming to see Kelsey twice a week. I am energized and have less pain after leaving. She has also helped me with exercises that I can do at home which has been invaluable.

John Giovale

I have such admiration for Kelsey & when I talk about her to others so many people say the same thing: "oh my gosh she is SO amazing" "she is a miracle worker" "oh I have heard she's incredible"... I & others respect Kelsey & KNOW how she impacts lives.

Michelle BoyerPA, Pain Specialist

Kelsey is an amazing instructor and the classes are killer! Even in group classes you get personal attention and always feel long and lean and sore when you leave.

Alexandra Johnson

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