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Individual coaching and training

Finding your F.I.T. and accomplishing your dreams


Individual coaching on the Pilates Reformer is for everyBODY, but especially for individuals who want to improve posture, strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness.

If you’ve tried different exercises, workout plans, or products, but feel stuck with your progress, schedule a time to work out one-on-one with Kelsey to find the transformation and encouragement you need to press on!

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When top athletes on the tour want to improve their game and fitness, they don’t do it solo. They work with a coach who can identify areas of improvement and give them a plan to grow. As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified coach and avid golfer, Kelsey knows how to prepare your body and mind for success on the course.

New to the game? Been playing for years but can’t seem to beat that one person in your foursome? Struggling with a nagging injury? Whatever the case may be, get the coaching you need to have fun doing what you love.

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Our bodies are made for worship. Our faith-based yoga will show you how exercise is not only physical but deeply spiritual. Learn how to stir your heart and your spirit by using mindful meditation and exercise directed toward the Creator of your body.

If you’ve been craving a deeper experience in your faith or a practice of finding a center in your quiet moments, let Kelsey show you how to invite God into your transformational health journey. Stir your soul, test your strength and mind, and equip yourself for life.

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Envision a retreat that meets you where you are and takes you where you’ve only imagined. With God as our guide. All things are possible… It's your gift of possibility.

Get ready to dive deep, be nourished, feel challenged, experience connection, heal the parts that keep you from living whole. Unleash your soul.

Immerse yourself in the divine revelation of God, self, your executive presence and your authentic authority as you define and clarify your purpose on earth as it is in Heaven.

Live with a resounding resiliency that communicates strength, vitality and vibrancy

Come experience all that an Elite wellness retreat can offer including: functional movement, meditation, embodiment and soma integration, healing bodywork, luxurious skin care, oils, acupuncture, integrative healing nutrition and medicine, ayurvedic principles for detoxing and cleansing, creative expressions of self AND MORE.. Rejoice in our life out of the box and out of the ordinary…..
into the extraordinary space of living life grounded, firm and faithfully….
THIS DAY, one day at a time.

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I’ve tried many different types of gyms, but I have never felt stronger when skiing and mountain biking since starting Pilates 18 months ago. I am 55 and recently skied 6 out of 7 days on a ski trip. I don’t think I could have done that when I was 30! The instructors at ROOTS have a deep understanding of anatomy and have helped personalize my program to help with significant back pain. I’m hooked!

Nancy Evans

Kelsey Mercer is without a doubt the best instructor I've experienced in over 20 years. Patient, knowledgeable and a tough teacher. Experience excellence at Roots!