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What does Adaptability mean to you? In the last seven years of running a business, this has been both a guiding light  and a foundational principle to withstand the pressures that tell you to break!  

Now, more than ever in our evolving world of continual change, shifts, re-sets and remakings those who consistently awaken and adapt may just be the last ones standing… 

Today I am standing with you and for you!  While I appreciate a growth mindset as the foundation of life, family and business, the secret I believe the growth model that sustains is the symbiotic relationship of  adapting + attracting…  Adapting while still Attracting others, life and opportunities that continues to move us deeper into learning and growing in the world we engage without losing our authentic self and the inspiration for what keeps us uniquely alive, purposeful and passionate.  

This is a mindset that transforms our movement one in the same.  

THE Workout Experience that changes and adapts with your body, life and needs has the power not to just change how you look but more importantly how you feel and engage with others in the world around you. This is my mission and the difference mindful movement and positive messaging makes that motivates me to keep you all adapting and attracting that in your life which feeds your soul and sustains your mind and body.  

As many of us are having to make big decisions and answer hard questions, the truth is what we value, we keep.  As you continue to make the investment of your time, money, health and talents a priority, I likewise commit to making your experience even more meaningful and relevant for the answers you need in our current world.  With that said,  as I create an atmosphere that fosters change and adaptation I also appreciate all of our needs to attract real joy, more meaningful connections, strong relationships, laughter and lighter moments partnered with intelligent exercise and intentional mindful movement ….  THIS my friends is what  heals the body and what makes ROOTS 66 FIT different!

This summer I challenge you all to go deeper into the possibility of opportunity to feel connection that mindful movement and positive messaging makes as we connect the dots from the inside out.   May we all continue to express our gratitude for a safe place to be vulnerable and real while we too attract and inspire others around us to  experience hope and healing both mentally and physically! The future remains bright, healthy and happy for all of us who continue to look and live in the light!

*Photo courtesy of | STOTT PILATES

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