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About 4 years ago while visiting my most dear friend – who calls me her “$2500 friend”; which by the way is the amount she felt was lost when we met in a yoga training, but exchanged in gaining a powerfully unique friendship in one another! From the moment we met, we just knew we would do the rest of life together! But, I would have never known just how much “lights” would make my life different as well as for those I share it with in my practice. Once again, life just has a way of balancing out the losses and wins – and the wins just kept coming for all of us, when we discovered LIGHTS, camera, action!

Oddly enough that day in particular I had seen a physical therapist to assist me with some body work for for my spondylolisthesis and hip mis-alignment. I had made it to her house, after a long 3 hour drive still in pain and once again she had a “answer” for me. No matter what and where we are we always have some new science or discovery to share to help each other in our practices. So, that night I gave it a try and no lie, i had not felt better than this since God only knows when. My pain was gone and my state of mind and well being felt at peace and overall balanced. I drove home the next day and couldn’t believe how I felt. In fact 2 days later I aksed her to meet me ½ way so I could borrow the lights a few days and really discover what they are about.

Today, I have the opportunity to share the healing power of LIGHT with many people who are in chronic pain, fatigued, depressed and suffering from overall inflammation.

All life begins with light. When God created this earth, He said “Let there be light”. We experience life on 2 levels everyday; the physical and spiritual. Physically when light transmutes the darkness life is initiated on from the inside microscopic cellular activation to the external manifestation of growth and production visible to the naked eye- light brings to life what was not.

Spiritually, throughout the scriptures light is referred to in reference to Jesus being the the Light and in HIM there is no darkness. I believe ultimately Jesus represents the healing of all darkness; sin, hate, disease and pain. I could go on and on about the illumination of light in our minds, bodys, spirits and energy, but I think you get the point. LIGHT HEALS at every level.

Why does Light Therapy Work?

Practically speaking, light therapy promotes the healing process with red, blue and infrared diodes when placed on the body with the Inlight Therapy. All cells in the body have a miniature power plant within, called the mitochondria. This is where our cells’ energy is produced; ATP. Because the mitochondria are very sensitive to light, infrared light therapy can stimulate ATP production in the mitochondria, in response the nerves receive glucose and oxygen through increased blood flow to the nerves and NITRIC OXIDE is then released from the hemoglobin into the blood stream. When nitric oxide is released from hemoglobin, it enters the muscle cells in the walls of the blood vessels. The muscle cells relax as the blood vessel diameter enlarges, allowing more blood to flow through the vessels.

Benefits of Increased Nitric Oxide and CIRCULATION:

• Anti-inflammation
Inflammation occurs when oxygen levels are too low, so increasing blood flow via nitric oxide reduces inflammation.

• Tissue regeneration
Tissues that need to heal require oxygen, nutrients, ATP and growth factors. Nitric oxide provides an environment for enhanced healing. The key to accomplishing this? Better blood flow.

• Pain reduction
Pain occurs when oxygen levels at the nerves are too low. Think of how painful your finger becomes if you wrap a rubber band around it. The rubber band cuts off blood flow, thereby depriving nerves and other cells of oxygen. The pain recedes when the rubber band is removed.

• Increased localized circulation
Nitric oxide is increased locally when light energy is applied to any specific site. Along with it, blood flow increases at the same point.

The net result of light therapy is a cascade of beneficial chemical reactions throughout damaged nerve cells that stimulate healing and promote well being! Truth be told I hardly miss a day of lights, and they travel with me everywhere, my kids can verify- they actually think I’m nuts most days as mom brings the whole kitchen sink and lights wherever we go. I just know unless I need a doctor to “take it out or sew it up”, I can help get through most injuries and pains with some lights, oils and nutrition. Learn more about light therapy at Email me at info@roots66fit to get more information on how to order.

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