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Ever been told you don’t fit? Feel like you don’t fit? Fit in? Misfit? Outfit? Unfit? Tired of labels, sizes, limits and measurements?

It’s time to MOVE from where you’ve tried to fit, and FIND YOUR FIT!

Much of anxiety is formed by the need to fit in when you don’t know how. The comparison to “them”, when “they” are so ambiguous that all you know is, it’s not about them, it’s about ME..!

You are not ALONE! Ever feel like you didn’t get the memo, yet the message is clear; “ I don’t fit”, I don’t belong here. The impression that if you were just a little more this… less that…. Then you would “fit”.

The rest of the world feels the same way. It’s been this way from the beginning; the need to fit in, but the urge to stand out. The place where we find who we really are comes from the realization there is no size to fit in, no style that stays, no perfect human and no perfect shape!

It’s the universal struggle, the universal pain of finding a space to be you. Space to feel free in your body, safe to let the guard down in order to experience the joys of being and becoming you everyday. In a world a mixed messages, the celebrate uniqueness and then require uniformity in the same breath, our message is “FIND YOUR FIT”

No longer feel judged, sized, measured and scaled from the moment you walk in the door. Find your FIT here.

Kelsey Mercer

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